Home Staining and Care

You can rest assured that I will bring the exterior of your home or cabin as close as possible to a like-new state. The only exterior products that I use are Sikkens products. Homes that have been stained with oil-based products more often than not turn black over the period of a few years and make your home or cabin an eye sore to the rest of your community. In such cases, I will chemically strip all of the oil stain off of your exterior surfaces leaving a raw wood base surface to work off of. I then apply a two-coat Sikkens product to the raw wood of your home or cottage that will last many more years than an oil-stain and will never turn black.

While a Sikkens product is more expensive than an oil stain, it will more than pay for itself in the long run and will never have to be chemically stripped like an oil stain. Re-coat times vary by cardinal direction. For example the re-coat time on the southern exposures of homes is around three years while all other exposures last for upwards of six years and more. To re-coat I use a clear Sikkens one-coat maintenance coat which will not darken the existing color.

On decks I use a Sikkens SRD (siding-railings-decks) product. This is a one coat system that will outlast the majority of all major brand deck stains. In the event that the deck has all ready been stained with a pigmented oil stain, I will chemically strip that as well, in preparation for the Sikkens SRD product.


Additionally, the logs on log homes will shrink over time and may create broken caulk lines between rows and seams on your home. In the event of damaged caulk, I will repair 80-90% of those broken seams with new caulk.


For stain and caulk inquiry you can contact me at info@scottplato.com